Dear Christine,
You are an angel – your warmth, spirit, and grace have touched our family and your attention to detail and competence were an incredible gift to me personally. Once you entered the scene, I began to breathe deeply and knew we were in good hands! And then, all weekend long I had not a moment’s anxiety or worry. Becca had the wedding of love and celebration that she most wanted and we enjoyed every moment – thanks in no small part to you. We wanted to let you know what a fabulous person you are.
Thank you so much, 
(Mother of the Bride)


Dear Chrissy,
Thank you so much for just being perfect in every way. You made this wedding even more special. Your wonderful smile—I will not forget that. You lit up the whole weekend. Just an incredible weekend – you made it special by being just you.
Lots of love to you and thank you,
(Mother of the Bride)

BM Gift 5.jpg

Christine made our wedding day seamless and perfect. Throughout the planning process, she was thorough in detail and always quick to respond, discuss, and execute. The week of the wedding, when the forecast revealed a hurricane's path towards the Northeast, Christine's superhuman ways kicked in again. No sparklers? Here are ten other options for the end of the evening.  No outside activities? Here's what we'll do inside the tent. She was calm and diligent, and relieved me of any negative thoughts of a hurricane-soaked wedding day. On the wedding day, Christine had an amazing way of taking care of everything, without me seeing anything. She orchestrated a perfect event, and discreetly had her pulse on anything a guest or vendor needed. At the end of the reception, after many hours on the dance floor and before we all changed venues, I found Christine and told her I'd forgotten all about my "after party" dress- she quickly said "It's hanging in the last stall of the bathroom. Have Chris [my husband] help you change, and I'll take your wedding dress."  Later that night, when Chris and I got back to our hotel room, my wedding dress was hanging in the closet, wedding cake was out for us to snack on, and a bottle of champagne was ready. She really does it all!  M.K.E (Bride)

Dear Christine,
You are amazing and wonderful! Yoga coordinator, task-master, food provider and so so much more!
Much love,
(Father of the Bride)


Thank you for your incredible hard work this year and your patience. Never have I been more wowed than when I walked into Rosecliff on Sunday night – it was so much more beautiful than I had imagined. Thank you for working so hard to take care of our family and friends at the wedding. Everyone was so impressed by your work! Well done.
J.R. and P.S.
 (Bride & Groom)


Dear Christine,
All your hard work really paid off. The wedding was so much fun and perfectly stress free. You did a wonderful job and we are so grateful.
Thank you!
 (Mother of the Bride)


Christine has the perfect blend of qualities that makes her a fantastic planner. As a person, she is easy going, positive and kind, and was professional and enthusiastic at all stages of the process. I really appreciated that she had clear opinions on things, and at the same time was flexible enough to listen to my perspective and wishes. I relied on her experience and recommendations for many of our vendors, and could not have been happier. She kept our preparation on track and most importantly kept the wedding day timing on track so everything went smoothly. We had a tented summer wedding at my mother's home, so there was an added level of complexity we could not have handled without her guidance and on-site supervision. Relying on her just made our day that much more fun for my husband, my Mom and I. Just before the cocktail hour ended, she brought me inside the tent so I could take in the gorgeous decor, with candles lit, before all the guests entered. It showed me how well she knew me and her sheer enjoyment of the magical aspects of her clients' weddings. I can't imagine our wedding day (and the months leading up to it) without her.

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